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Engagement Management Platform

An OTT video platform for true personalization and user engagement.

The next evolutionary step in creating outstanding user experiences starts with rich, descriptive metadata. Find unique connections between users and content to drive engagement, which is at the heart of attracting your audience, improving monetization, and optimizing content spend.

Deep content analysis

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to amplify the impact of your metadata:

  • Content segmentation using micro-genres (e.g., 80’s action movies starring Harrison Ford)
  • Audio/Video analysis to evaluate tone (e.g., playful, grave) and style (e.g., color, pace)
  • Object identification to extract named entities (e.g., people, places, brands)

Assisted content curation

We provide content curators the right tools to discover, configure, and automate carrousels and recommendations

  • Assisted content curation using rich metadata, advanced search patterns, and suggestions
  • Simplified recurring tasks with automation, content tags, and user-defined queries
  • Powerful recommendation engine to surface relevant and surprising content (e.g., more like this, because you watched, trending now)

Media intelligence

We close the learning loop with data-driven experimentation plus insights into audience and consumption patterns:

  • Fine tune your content recommendations using our advanced A/B testing workflow
  • Explore audience engagement to discover non-obvious user segments
  • Use our performance reports to analyze consumption and inform content acquisition

Professional Media Services

We specialize in complex workflows demanding carrier-grade performance.

Our bench of media professionals has unrivaled industry expertise,
having built and managed Tier 1 OTT service around the world.
Service areas include: Media Operations, Content Enrichment, and Personalization.

Media Operations.

The success of OTT services ultimately relies on the quality of content. After securing the rights, the next challenge is onboarding VOD assets and configuring linear channels to specification.

For example, VOD media packages include video and audio tracks, subtitles, images, metadata, schedules, etc. Managing ingestion across diverse content providers and specifications can be daunting. We focus on establishing a direct working relationship with content providers, agreeing on an onboarding process, and orchestrating the learning loop that will help streamline content onboarding over time.

Example topics:

  • CP relationship management
  • Metadata normalization
  • Linear channels monitoring

Content Enrichment.

After establishing an initial workflow and ensuring content availability, the next hurdle is lacking depth and quality in the associated metadata.

The first step involves aggregating, validating, and filling in the gaps of basic metadata obtained from content providers. This can be amplified using 3rd party data sources and analyzing the content itself to extract useful insights/markers (e.g., sentiment, style, named entities). We focus on creating the richest dataset possible to fuel an outstanding user experience, with emphasis on assisted content curation and personalization.

Example topics:

  • Metadata augmentation
  • Real time data streams, e.g., sports
  • Deep content analysis


With the proliferation of content and viewing platforms, matching user habits and preferences with the right titles becomes a differentiating factor. It helps drive engagement, reduce churn, and optimize content spend.

We focus on providing curation teams with the tools and insights to discover content for a particular audience. We also analyze consumption patterns and popularity trends to feed programmatic recommendations that can complement manual curation efforts.

Example topics:

  • Audience and consumption trends
  • Recommendation algorithms
  • Discovery and curation

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