Modular end-to-end

OTT video platform

Proven at scale for the most demanding global PayTV services

After 16+ years building and operating IPTV and OTT platforms for premium PayTV and Content Providers across 50+ markets globally, we know how to make your venture a success. There are no other independent, carrier-grade OTT platforms in the industry that are proven at scale. Our brand new modular OTT platform allows you to create premium experiences for your customers and go to market in record time. We maximize the value of your investments to date, expand your reach or feature set, or provide a turnkey solution. Our platform is SDK-ready, containerized, microservices-based, and server-less for flexibility and scale.

At-scale premium video

1,000,000+ hours of video encoding and distribution

  • Delivered across regions, in multiple languages and through complex multi-carrier integrations or direct to consumer (DTC)
  • Smart traffic management through redundant content delivery networks

Carrier-grade performance

Supporting millions of users in high concurrency events

  • Building and operating OTT services in 50+ countries with integrations to 80+ PayTV providers globally
  • Proven track record delivering live sports events and encoding workflows with stringent live2vod windows

Media Operations Center

300+ premium content providers, 2,000 linear channels

  • Dedicated video engineering and media operations team in the largest multi-tenant OTT headend in the industry
  • Experience onboarding premium content with complex video workflows and legacy systems

Introducing our

Engagement Management Platform

An OTT video platform for true personalization and user engagement.

The next evolutionary step in creating outstanding user experiences starts with rich, descriptive metadata. Find unique connections between users and content to drive engagement, which is at the heart of attracting your audience, improving monetization, and optimizing content spend.

Deep content analysis

We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to amplify the impact of your metadata:

  • Content segmentation using micro-genres (e.g., 80’s action movies starring Harrison Ford)
  • Audio/Video analysis to evaluate tone (e.g., playful, grave) and style (e.g., color, pace)
  • Object identification to extract named entities (e.g., people, places, brands)

Assisted content curation

We provide content curators the right tools to discover, configure, and automate carrousels and recommendations

  • Assisted content curation using rich metadata, advanced search patterns, and suggestions
  • Simplified recurring tasks with automation, content tags, and user-defined queries
  • Powerful recommendation engine to surface relevant and surprising content (e.g., more like this, because you watched, trending now)

Media intelligence

We close the learning loop with data-driven experimentation plus insights into audience and consumption patterns:

  • Fine tune your content recommendations using our advanced A/B testing workflow
  • Explore audience engagement to discover non-obvious user segments
  • Use our performance reports to analyze consumption and inform content acquisition

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